Top 10 Black Clover Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind

Black Clover being an underdog in Anime world still is really amazing and hypeful. The latest arc has really have increased its popularity and I have decided to come up with some of the facts. So here they are.

1.Once there was Charecter popularity poll and Asta has been voted top followed by Yami,Noelle and Yuno. Surprisingly Nero has been voted as 5th most popular Character.
2. Sylph the air spirit which appeared recently in Anime series Episode 19 is actually a mythological creature originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air.

3. Yami(Spoiler) is actually not from Clover Kingdom. He is actually from a country known as country of Rising Sun which surprisingly is nick name of Japan.
4. A five leaf clover actually represents Wealth and money.

5. Yuki Tabata creater of Black Clover is a  good friend of Kouhei HoriKoshi creater Of My Hero Academia.

6. Even their friendship reflects in their manga and anime series. Izuku and Asta both being magicless and quirkless. Four eyes guyz and silent boys but powerful like Shoto and Yuno.
7. Also they once draw each other anime poster for weekly shonen jump issues.

8. Time Grimore are the most unique ones. They don't have any cover and spherical in shape. Thus they don't have any Clover sign.
9.Black Clover is another product of Studio Peirrot. Studio perriot is known for Tokyo Ghoul , Naruto and Bleach's production.

10.Morikawa Toshiyuki the voice actor of Wizard King Julius Nova also have voiced in Gintama, Final Fantasy, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist.
That's all from me for today. I know that many of them are not interesting ones and some are already revealed but I hope you like this article. If you know any of interesting fact just drop it in the comment section and I will add those in next article. Also suggest me on which anime I should come up with the facts list.
That's all from me for today.