Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview Images- "Farewell Goku! Until The Day We Meet Again"

Hey guys! In this blog I will discuss about the preview images of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 which is the last episode of Dragon Ball Series. The episode is yet to be aired and now we have images that will really increase the hype for episode. So with no further delay let's get started.

 It looks like Mastered Ultra Instinct have wore off and Goku is launching himself like a missile to land a punch on Jiren.

 Goku performing a Ki blast attack on Jiren maybe a combine attack or single handled but it looks like it is the final blow.
 Looks like Freiza is also accelerating himself to land an attack on Jiren along with Goku coming from other side.
 All Universe 7 participants screaming to show their support, trust and belief towards final warriors standing in the tournament of Power.

Some great artwork from Takahashi. The Android 17 looks is killer in itself. 

The last one Golden Freiza and 17 performing combined Ki Blast attack probably from the start of the episode.

So that's end up the series of Preview Images. The journey was really great. The Dragon Ball Super will meet its end tomorrow but this isn't the end of Dragon Ball Franchise. So till then Farewell Goku!!