My Hero Academia Season 3 Release Date, Synopsis, Key Visuals, Opening and Ending Song

Hey guyz! As the March month has already started and Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 is finally coming closer the V-jump have released a PV images.

Season 3 is going to premiere on April 7 2018.

Season 3's Opening is entitled "Odd Future" by UVERworld and will be released on May 2nd.

Synopsis By Wikia:

The season will cover the School Trip Arc, in which the students of Class 1-A go on a school trip to a training camp under the supervision of a hero team, the Wild Wild Pussycats.

League of Villains, a plan was formed to take down the students of U.A. High School. Both Dabi and Himiko arranged for themselves and eight others to work together for a planned attack on the students of U.A. at a campsite located in the mountain side.When seven members of the squad were gathered together, they launched a surprise attack against the camp while declaring themselves as part of the League of Villains.

Villains cast. New upcoming members of League of Villains:

Moon fish


Key Visuals available till now:

Visual consisting of League of Villains and Students of UA academy along with All might.

Visual giving a clear look of o All for one and some new league of Villains members gonna be appearing in School trip arc.

Key visual displayed at Anime Fest 2017 featuring Dekh,Kaachan,Tadaroki and others in formal black dresses.

Another key visual displayed at Anime Fest 2017.

Boko No Hero Academia The movie coming in July 2018 key visual.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Trailer 2 

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