Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Mastered Ultra Instinct First Official Images Leaks | Ultra Instinct

Hey guyz! It's early morning here and the Dragon Ball Super episode 129 is gonna be airing tomorrow. The Fans have been waiting for the Episode 129 from last two weeks due to delay from Tokyo Marathon and in context of we have the first and legit Leaked image of Goku's Silver Haired Mastered Ultra Instinct. Here it is:

The Goku surrounded by purple and bluish ki among with Spikier silver hairs similar in position of Ultra Instinct Omen.
Here are Episode 129 official Spoilers:
129 SPOILERS - Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!"

Ultra Instinct Mastered !? Goku's power ascends ! The Tournament of Power rushes into Goku and Jiren's final duel ! The cornered Goku unconsciously awakens the power that slumbered deep within his body and his power level skyrockets! Thus, he draws closer to the ultimate battle form, Ultra Instinct !!

This week's Jiren: Not ready to lose he releases his full strength! Goku's rising power steals a smile from Jiren! In return, Jiren puts all of his hidden strength into his fists and strikes Goku! Will this be the deciding blow!?
Also here is a preview image of episode 129 ,Goku performing some sort of Ki Blast attack in Ultra Instinct omen Transformation.

Here are the provisional titles of Episode 130 and 131 which reveals lots of information of itself
DBS Episode 130 and 131 provisional titles

Episode 130, "The One and Only Super-Decisive-Battle"
After achieving Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku fights the final decisive fight against The invincible Jiren who still is hiding something powerful within himself.

Episode 131, "Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again"
Similar of last episode of Dragon Ball GT Until the Day we meet again..... Brings back lots of bittersweet memories and I really hope we will meet soon.

That's all from me for today