Boruto Episode 49,50,51,52 SPOILERS

Howdy Everyone, today we got some major Boruto Spoilers. I'm this blog I'll be discussing about the Spoilers of episode 49, 50, 51, 52. So let's get started without further delay. First I would like to thank KenXyro from Twitter for the translations.
Ep 49 - Wasabi And Then Namida  
Hanabi Hyuga, Boruto's Aunt Is In Charge Of "Team 15" Which Consists Of Three Girls - Sumire, Wasabi And Namida. Their Mission Is To Capture The Animals That Escaped When Someone Opened Their Cages. Although The Three Needs To Work On The Mission As A Team, Wasabi And Namida Have Their Differences. 
Ep 50 - Chunin Exam Recommendation Meeting
Chunin Exams Are Held To See What Promising Genins From All Villages Can Do. In The Hidden Leaf Village, Before The Exams, The Past Members Of Ebisu Team - Konohamaru, Udon And Kazamatsuri Moegi Are Discussing Whether Or Not Their Students Are Worthy Of Participation. 

Ep 51 - Boruto's Birthday 
Boruto's Hears That His Father Is Spending His Time With Young Genins Even Though He Couldn't Be Present For His Birthday. This Makes Boruto Angry And Feel Lonely. Even Under That Situation, Boruto's Team 7 Receives A Mission In Which They Need To Find And Capture A Group Of Thieves Who Are Hiding In A Remote Town In The Land Of Fire. 
Ep 52 - Sasuke's Shadow 
As of now we only have title of  a the episode 52. Mybe in this episode Sasuke will return to the hidden leaf village.
Preview Of Boruto Episode 49

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