Black Clover Episode 22 Spoilers and Preview Image | Asta To Fight Against Rades

Hey guys! So tomorrow the Black Clover Episode 22 gonna be airing up and in context of that we have official Spoilers of Black Clover Episode 22. So no more time wasting here they are.

Black Clover Episode-22 "Wild Magic Dance"

"Many victims were flooded by the mysterious attacks which broke through the magic barriers of the kingdom. In order to fight off them, Noelle and others who were present in the ceremony and the elite of the magic knights show off overwhelming attack power!"

This week "Asta"
Confrontation with mysterious enemy Rades Spirito.
One of enemies is attacking the kingdom, Can Asta defeat Rades who show strange hostility to him??? While trying to protect the girl from the hands of the Devil 's Evil!

The Black Clover Episode 21 started up with Asta's confrontation with Silva family members when suddenly the Crimson Lion leader stepped up in the fight. Suddenly a mage came with the news of royal capital under attack by mysteries new enemies. In the end Asta jumped in the flames attacking the eye-patched enemy Rades Sprito while protecting the little girl.

Now in the upcoming episode the Episode 22 the magic Knight will confront against the Zombie like creatures while Asta will go against the Rades in a duel battle against his dead corpses.
Also here is a preview image from tomorrow's Episode.

In this image it can be seen that Asta is trying to protect the little girl against the Zombie like creatures created by Rades.
Here is some information about the two newly appeared enemies Rades and Valtos.
Rades is a former member of orca blue and current member of White night eye. He capable of using his Mana to dead dead in moving zombies and can control them.
VALTOS- Spatial Magic
Valtos is another member of White night eye and capable of spatial magic allowing him to make portals to transfer a person or group from one place to another.

So I hope all these information are really enough to satisfy your desire and hype of Episode 22. Hit me up on @senpaishubham for any Black Clover related query or any anime discussion.

Top 10 Black Clover Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind

Black Clover being an underdog in Anime world still is really amazing and hypeful. The latest arc has really have increased its popularity and I have decided to come up with some of the facts. So here they are.
1.Once there was Charecter popularity poll and Asta has been voted top followed by Yami,Noelle and Yuno. Surprisingly Nero has been voted as 5th most popular Character.

2. Sylph the air spirit which appeared recently in Anime series Episode 19 is actually a mythological creature originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air.

3. Yami(Spoiler) is actually not from Clover Kingdom. He is actually from a country known as country of Rising Sun which surprisingly is nick name of Japan.

4. A five leaf clover actually represents Wealth and money.
5. Yuki Tabata creater of Black Clover is a  good friend of Kouhei HoriKoshi creater Of My Hero 
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