Goku Masters Ultra Instinct SPOILERS Episode 129

Hey Everyone, Today we got confirmed titles of Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 and 129, in this post we'll be talking about the Title of Episode 129. So let's get started without further delay. 
Note : This SPOILERS Are Confirmed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 - Breakthrough The Limit ! Mastering Ultra Instinct !!
I'm hyped guys, this title of Episode 129 letrally tells everything you wanna Know, Goku will yet again break through his sell and achieve Ultra Instinct, but this time Goku will master Ultra Instinct as stated in the title of episode 129.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 - Prideful Till The End ! Vegeta Falls !!
According to the title of Episode 128, will may get eliminated in Episode 128, the title says that "Prideful Till The End" this maybe referring to end of Vegeta's role in Tournament Of Power, "Vegeta Falls" this might not necessarily mean that Vegeta will be eliminated but, there are few episodes life in the end of Dragon Ball Super. So it will be the best time for Vegeta.

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