Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 leaked images- Jiren's past Revealed

Hey guys!! Today we have some preview/leaked Images of Episode 128. So in this blog, we will go between each image and analyze them and will try to draw possible conclusions. So let's get started:

Vegeta and Goku attacking Jiren and Vegeta's Aura is fading. Probably due to lack of stamina from a fight with Toppo.

Jiren finally unleashing his true power which he has been hiding from the start of the tournament for this righteous moment.

This is what I am looking forward. Finally, some flashbacks and past history of Jiren to be revealed in the upcoming episode.

Android 17 smiling while protecting Vegeta and Goku from the unleashed power of Jiren. Some glimpses of his final moment in Tournament.
Also, check out these preview/Spoilers of upcoming episode 127:
Fuji-Tv Preview Episode 127 -"Approaching Obstacle! Entrusting Hope to The Final Barrier!!"

"Jiren, now the only Enemy left. Jiren Unleashes his Ki and finally showed his true strength. However, GokuVegeta and 17 confronts Jiren one after another despite being overwhelmed by Jiren's powerful Ki."
Jump Scan Preview Episode 127- "Approaching Obstacle! Entrusting Hopes on Final Barrier"
"17’s Do-or-die Move!"

"Even Though Wounded, 17 Lends Goku And Vegeta Help In Their Battle Against Jiren. Against Jiren And His Overwhelming Power, 17 Helps Goku And The Others By Acting On A Very Desperate Strategy.”

So are You Ready for this intense battle between Jiren and Universe 7 warriors? What are your thoughts about these images? Drop your opinions in the comment section and subscribe to our blog.