Black Clover Episode 19 Leaked Images- New Charecter SYLPH the Air Spirit

Hey guys today we have some (Spoilers) leaked Images of Black Clover Episode 19 which is going to  be air tomorrow. So let's review them.

Mimaso healing Noelle.
The old Smoky man.
Yuno Struggling to rid of Max's Diamond .
Some Flashbacks of Max and Fana's memories.
Some more old terrible flashbacks of Max and the diamond Kingdom laboratory.
The old man smiling. Did they won ?
Young Max and Fana and some more laboratory rats behind.
New Charecter: SYLPH the Spirit
In last episode Yuno receive a scroll with unknown words which disappeared as soon as Yuno opened it. The words were actually transferred to the Yuno's Grimore. This new spell is capable of activating a Wind Spirit naming Sylph which will appear in next episode. Sylph is a known mythological creature of spirit of air.

Here is what officials says:
"Next week, 13 February (Tue) 19 episodes "Collapse and relief" appeared! ✨
It is decided that Aya Uchida plays the Spirit Sylph of the wind!!
At that time, Sylph appeared in front of Yuno's eyes...?!
Sorry for today we have no Spoilers/ preview of Episode 19 as the V-JUMP doesn't released any of scans yet these leaked images may give us many hints about the Episode. So are you ready for this episode. For news updates on black Clover like our Facebook page Black Clover√