Something Terrible Is Going To Happen With [SPOILER] In Episode 128

Howdy Everyone, previously we got Spoilers that Vegeta will be eliminated in episode 128, but there's a new possibly that arrived recently, in this article we'll discuss about it in detail. So let's get started without further delay.
The above image is of the title of episode 128 which states " With Noble Pride To The End ! Vegeta Falls." In Japanese spoilers it was written as "Bejita Chiru"  and in the episode in Dragon Ball z in which Vegeta fought against was titled as "For The Sake Of My Loved Ones...Vegeta Falls !!", In Japanese, you can see "Bejita Chiru" .

In Japanese the word Chiru can mean many things like To Fall or To Scatter, no one knows what exactly is means, but in the episode in Dragon Ball z in which Vegeta sacrificed himself to defeat Majin Buu. So there's a slight chance that Vegeta might do it again to defeat Jiren.
Moreover, I don't think that Toei Animation is this stupid to just state in the title that 'Hey Vegeta is going to be eliminated in episode 128' there's something else they are playing and there's already been a death in the previous episode 127 [Android 17], and it's possible that Vegeta's death might push Goku to break his limits and Master Ultra Instinct.

Episode 128 SPOILERS :
Title: Prideful Till The End ! Vegeta Falls !! The Invinsible Jiren! Fate Of Vegeta's Challenge Is? 
Looking At How Badly Goku Is Covered In Wounds, Vegeta Goes To Fight Jiren All Alone. Even Though He Takes On Jiren's Fierce Onslaught, Vegeta Continues To Fight For His Pride As A Saiyan, But

Episode 129 SPOILERS :
Title: Transcend, Limit Break ! Mastering Ultra Instinct !!
Two Minutes Remain In The Tournament Of Power. Only Goku And Jiren Remain On The Stage At Last. Goku Struggles Hard Against Jiren's Overwhelming Attacks But At That Moment, Goku's Eyes Begin To Shine Silver. 

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