[ Dragon Ball Super ] Goku's Mastered Ultra Instinct Revealed

Tournament of power is finally coming to an end along with Dragon Ball Super. A few days back we got some confirmed spoilers about Vegeta's elimination in Episode 128, still can't believe it's gonna happen. Fans thought that Vegeta will be getting Ultra Instinct, but we can't do anything about it. We have a preview of Goku's Mastered Ultra Instinct, so let's get started with the article.
I think that this is how Mastered Ultra Instinct is going to look like, there's lots of action figures and posters but they are all silhouette, if it's the old Ultra Instinct why bother hiding it, we all have already seen Ultra Instinct. So it has to be the Mastered Ultra Instinct which is going to be revealed in episode 129 according to the spoilers. You can check out the Spoilers Of Episode 128 And 129 Here.
Now we have a early image of the Mastered Ultra Instinct, the form we'll see in episode 129 will most probably look like this. Now can easily notice that this image has a little different hairstyle from the Old Ultra Instinct. You can also see a blod aura around Goku. Moreover, you can see a shirtless Goku.

Title: Prideful Till The End ! Vegeta Falls !! The Invinsible Jiren! Fate Of Vegeta's Challenge Is? 
Looking At How Badly Goku Is Covered In Wounds, Vegeta Goes To Fight Jiren All Alone. Even Though He Takes On Jiren's Fierce Onslaught, Vegeta Continues To Fight For His Pride As A Saiyan, But

Title: Transcend, Limit Break ! Mastering Ultra Instinct !!
Two Minutes Remain In The Tournament Of Power. Only Goku And Jiren Remain On The Stage At Last. Goku Struggles Hard Against Jiren's Overwhelming Attacks But At That Moment, Goku's Eyes Begin To Shine Silver. 
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