Vegeta's Plan To Defeat Toppo Dragon Ball Super Episode 126

Vegeta's Plan To Defeat Toppo Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 !!!

Howdy Everyone, Episode 125 was totally awesome in terms of Animation and Storyline, Toppo's Haki power was awesome, and it took like that Toppo will give a hard time to Vegeta, if you don't know according to the spoilers of Episode 126 Toppo will fight Vegeta.

As we saw in the Episode 125, the Haki surrounding Toppo was erasing everything even rocks and energy attacks. Now the question is, How Vegeta Will Defeat Such A Formidable Enemy ?
We know that energy attacks won't work on Toppo as they all gets erased and direct physical attack won't work either as Toppo is releasing Energy of Distruction, moreover, Toppo's physical abilities have increased drastically.
But if Vegeta Uses Toppo's Haki against him it will have a major effect on Toppo Haki works on Gods Of Distruction. Moreover, title of Episode 126 which is " Supassing Even A God, Vegeta's Life Risking-Blow".
I think that the title is referring that To Supass Even A God Vegeta Uses A Life Risking Blow, I thank that Vegeta might risk his life trying to use some sort of attack to deflected 'Toppo's Energy Of Distruction' just like Jiren did with Goku's sprite Bomb.
If that happens then Toppo's Energy of Distruction will hit Toppo and that might seriously injure Toppo. What are your thoughts on this, comment below. Thanks for reading, Follow Our FB Page Below.