Yamoshi Is Coming !!!

Hey Everyone, as we all know that there is a Dragon Ball Movie coming in December 2018 and it has been revealed from that title of movie "Universe Strongest Warrior Race : Saiyans" that the movie will reveal that movie might feature the origin and evolution of the strongest warrior race Saiyans.

Many of you might be knowing that in a recent interview Akira Toriyama revealed some major information about the Saiyans and revealed the first Super Saiyan God Yamoshi and the sources think that Akira's recent interview has something to do with the Upcoming Dragon Ball Movie.

And In his recent interview Akira Toriyama revealed that Yamoshi is the first Super Saiyan God and source think that the the movie will surely feature Yamoshi.
It will reveal all the secrets abut Saiyan race forgotten through time.

New Dragon Ball SmartPhone Game Coming In 2018 !

On Twitter Herms98 confirmed that in 2018 Japanese Video Game Publishers Bandai Namco will be releasing a new Dragon Ball z game for smartphone. The Dragon Ball z game is named Dragon Ball z Bucchigiri Match.
The game will be real time multiplayer based in which players can face of other players on multiplayer battle and 8 person tag team mode will be there to.

The new game is expected to do mericles as there other Dragon Ball Game like their latest Dragon Ball FighterZ , Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2. So fans can have huge expectations from this game. The game will most probably release in early 2018. Let me what you think about this new game in the comment section below.

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