A New Saiyan Warrior !! Major Spoilers Episode 112,113,114 -Dragon Ball Super- OtakuMax

Hey Everyone, Herms98 recently updated us with the translation of spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Episode 112/113/114 .Yes, you read that correct!  Dragon Ball Super but now we got a synopsis for these  episode. If you hate spoilers you may stop reading because everything from here consists of spoilers.

Ep112 Vow of saiyans !!Vegeta 's Resolve!!

In order to let Caulifa and others !!be able to fight stronger enemies at their full power Cabba  of universe 6 goes against Monna of Universe 4 to help his team. However Cabba is blown away only to be rescued by Vegeta at the last moment. Vegeta, as Cabba's Master tells him to fight with no regrets.

Ep113 Having fun! Combat loving Saiyans battle once more !!

Universe 3 warrior target Goku since he is exhausted from battle with Jiren but Caulifa comes to his rescue and then he asked him to fight with her. Goku is happy with this offer but he doesn't have the strength to transform into Super Saiyan yet,But he says that he slowly gain his strength back during their Fighttreto fight. 

Ep 114 Deadly situation! Sudden appearance of new Super warrior!

Goku's attacks overwhelm Kale while his fight against her Fight   against Her and Caulifa and the tension gradually increases .Then she transforms into Super Saiyan Berserk .
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