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'Dragon Ball Super' Leaked Images, Android 18 Eliminated !!

Hey Everyone, I'm back and we got breaking for you. Few minutes ago we got a leaked Image directly from one of the creators and in this article we'll talk about the leaked Image.

In the leaked Image we can see all the remaining warriors of Universe 7 but their is one warriors is missing from Universe 7 and it's Android 18. According to title of the the episode 121 [ALL-OUT WAR! ULTIMATE 4-WAY UNION VS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE 7!!] that means Universe 4's warrior Aniraaza vs Whole Universe 7 but we can't see Android 18 in the leaked image it is possible that Android 18 is not there because she is eliminated.

It is possible that Universe 4 's warrior Aniraaza got Android 18 and eliminated her as she was already hurt.
Moreover, it is also happening because tournament of power is coming that's why Toei Animation is reducing warrior so that they can end the tournament of power.

Spoilers Of Episode 121-122


Dragon Ball Super Major Announcement This Weekend !!!

Howdy Everyone, we got breaking news Toei Animation is going to have major announcement this weekend and in this article we'll be discussing about it. So let's get started.

This weekend on December 16 and 17 Toei Animation is going to make some major Dragon Ball Super announcement in the Jump Festa 2018. Last year in the Jump Fest Toei Animation revealed the Universal Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super. 

There are rumors in Japan that Toei Animation is going to reveal a new Dragon Ball Super Movie there is 80-85 % that they will reveal a Movie for 2018 and they might also reveal a teaser related to the announcement. Everyone know that there is a new character coming in Dragon Ball Super and they can also make some announcement about that stuff.

It is also possible just like last year that they might reveal their next Arc after the Universal Survival Arc is ended or they might announce something about Uub because there's lots of buzz going around about the Ubb in the latest cha…

Tournament Of Power Final Episode Revealed !!

​Hey guys , good  day to all. So yesterday I talked about a new upcoming character and in this blog I will be talking about the last of episode of tournament of power. Dragon Ball Super just have revealed the last episode tournament of power.
 The Japanese Amazon website have just released three new official Dragon Ball Super Blu-Ray DVD sets, which are Box 9, Box 10 and Box 11. The box 9 and box 10 are covering 12 episodes but interestingly the box 11 is actually covering 13 episodes. The episode are 121- 133. Moreover its the first time when a DBS Blu-Ray box is covering 13 episodes. 
So does this mean this is the last episode of tournament of power , maybe not but we have more evidences for it.
The herms98 have gone through each episode and calculated the time actually consumed in an episode. So in 22 episodes there have been 36 minutes consumed and if we do math the average time consumed per episode results to be 1.5 min, which means there will be 8-9 episodes left in the tournament …

'Dragon Ball z' New SmartPhone Game Coming In 2018 !!!

Hey Everyone , we got some awesome News for Dragon Ball Gaming fans today on Twitter we got some confirmed News about the new latest upcoming Dragon Ball Z  game for smartphone. Before getting into the article I would like to thank Herms98 From Twitter for the News and also for the translations.

On Twitter Herms98 confirmed that in 2018 Japanese Video Game Publishers Bandai Namco will be releasing a new Dragon Ball z game for smartphone. The Dragon Ball z game is named Dragon Ball z Bucchigiri Match. The game will be real time multiplayer based in which players can face of other players on multiplayer battle and 8 person tag team mode will be there to.

The new game is expected to do mericles as there other Dragon Ball Game like their latest Dragon Ball FighterZ , Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2. So fans can have huge expectations from this game. The game will most probably release in early 2018. Let me what you think about this new game in the comment section below.

Thanks For Reading.

New Dragon Ball Super character revealed for 2018 !! - Otakumax

Hey all , we have something interesting and big for you all . Dragon ball super officially have revealed a new character coming up in next arc next year. Thanks to Oppai Senpai for this big news , So let's started.
Dragon Ball Super Heroes , you probably have all knew about it. It is one of the most selling arcade card game across the globe. And recently DBS heroes production team have released some new cards for the game with one them marked as unknown . According to translations it means "Character Yet to revealed in Anime". This means this character is whether gonna be in official anime Tv Series or may be in DBS heroes promos. Here is what Kenxyro says about it:
Yaa same, so according to Kenxyro this character is surely coming in anime and may be possibly in next arc. 
Also Goveta has tweeted about this. He is one of the emerging translater and most of his stuff comes to be legit.

So According to Goveta this character is surely coming up in Anime Tv Series. Also Herms has …

Who Created Super Dragon Balls ?

Howdy Everyone, I'm back and in this article we'll be discussing about who created Super Dragon Balls. So let's get started.

As we all know Super Dragon Balls are the original set of Dragon Balls which are used by gods to get any of there wishes granted by Super Shenron, to use the dragon balls the user had to say the wish in gods language. Who Created Super Dragon Balls ? Super Dragon Balls were created by Zalama the Dragon God in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. Super Dragon Balls are the size of a planets, Each ball has a diameter of about 37,196.2204 kilometers that means thay are 3 time large then the whole earth. To summon the Dragon Of The Gods one must say "Come Forth Dragon Of The Gods And Grant My Wish Pretty Peas" in the language of gods. Once the wish is granted the Balls are scattered throughout Universe 6 & 7 and to reuse the Super Dragon Balls one must wait for a entire year. About Zalama  Zalama created the super dragon balls to grant any wish its a…

Episode 123 Spoilers - Full Power Of Mind And Body Unleashed !

Hey Everyone, I'm back and we'll be discussing about the new potential spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. So, lets get started.

Episode 123 - Unleash The Entire Power Of Mind And Body !

As of now only title of the episode is available we don't know who will unleash full power of mind and blody, but the source think that it will be Vegeta because in the previous episode Vegeta is going to challenge the strongest warrior in the Tournament Of Power Jiren and it highly possible that Vegeta release his Full Power and Spirit and achieve Ultra Instinct or Offensive Half Of Ultra Instinct which fans have talking about a lot.

But at the same time it is also possible that Vegeta will loose his fight with Jiren and Goku will unleash his Full Power of mind and will masters Ultra Instinct with read aura and Fight Jiren, this Might be the beginning of Jiren Vs Goku and that fight might continue for more than 3 or 4 Episode and because of humiliation of Loosing from Jiren Vegeta ach…